Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Certified Orthotist?

A Certified Orthotist is a highly trained expert who has met the highest standards set by the Canadian Board for Certification of Prosthetists and Orthotists- in depth clinical training, an intensive internship, a national certification exam, and ongoing professional development. There are only two colleges in Canada who provide this training, and spaces are limited.

What is an Orthosis?

An orthopaedic appliance that is used to support, align, prevent or correct deformities is referred to as an orthosis. Orthoses may be applied to any part of the body, including the spine, head, or extremities. Other terms for orthoses are orthotics, splints, insoles, inserts, or braces. Orthoses may be either off-the-shelf or custom. Our facility specializes in custom bracing, though our showroom has many off-the-shelf varieties that may be customized if necessary to suit your needs.

What does it mean to be “custom made”?

A true custom device begins with the assessment, where model is made of the body part we are addressing with our custom brace. This model, or cast, is filled with plaster of paris to create a plaster positive of the body part. This positive is modified by the clinician to reflect the design of the brace and the individual’s unique anatomy. Each design is truly custom, and is determined based on the assessment of the Orthotist and the abilities of the individual. Materials are shaped and formed around the positive using various techniques. All devices are unique and most are made in our in-house facility. Adjustments and repairs can usually be done on-site while you wait.

Do I need a prescription?

Although it is best to see your physician before accessing our services, you do not require a prescription to see us. Most insurance providers and third-party payers require a prescription from a Medical Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, Specialist Physician, or Podiatrist to access financial reimbursement. AMO will help you with making sure your referral is worded appropriately as per your insurance requirements.

What happens when I visit AMO Orthopaedics?

During your initial visit ,we will ask you detailed questions pertaining to your condition, and gather a medical history and information about your goals and abilities. We will test your joint ranges of motion, the strength of your muscles, your body positioning when standing and walking. Any deficiencies will be explained and the design of the brace will be detailed. A model will be taken of the body part with casting tape or plaster. Most devices are turned around in 3-4 weeks, and your fitting appointment is typically booked before you leave. If there is a question regarding funding, a hold will be placed on the device until we are able to obtain prior approval of funding.

What should I bring to my first visit?

  • Your prescription and any relevant reports (Xray or MRI) that have been provided to you.
  • NS Health Card
  • Insurance card (or relevant identification numbers for whichever funding agency you are going through)
  • Shoes you would like to wear with the brace or insert
  • Devices you have had in the past (even if they didn’t work)
  • Shorts (if you are being assessed for a brace that involves the knee)

What about MSI? Why can’t MSI cover this?

Nova Scotia MSI does not cover any costs associated with this service, regardless of whether you are seen in a private clinic, such as AMO, or through the hospital.

Should my insoles or braces hurt when I first get them?

There is an adjustment period after being fit with your device, but there should not be pain or significant discomfort while wearing it. Detailed instructions will be provided to you on how to gradually become accustomed to the device. This will help to ensure that you have a comfortable adjustment period. If there is new redness in any area after 20 minutes of removing the device, contact us for an adjustment. If there is discomfort more than the typical achiness or tenderness, please phone so that we may adjust it to improve your comfort. Please note that home adjustments will void any warranty with AMO.

What is your warranty?

All custom items are covered by a fit warranty of 3 months. The warranty for materials and worksmanship is 6 months.

What do I do if something breaks on my orthosis?

Please phone us immediately to make arrangements for repair. Do not use the device and please do not attempt home repairs. There may be a charge for repairs outside the warranty period, depending on time and materials required.

Do you have a guarantee?

No. The human body is a remarkable piece of engineering. As with any medical treatment, there is a possibility that we may, despite our best efforts, be unsuccessful in achieving our goals.

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